Friday, January 14, 2011


As Christians, we have been called as witnesses to the goodness and grace of God to those around us. Yet, most of us struggle with feelings of inadequacy to fulfill this call in practical and measurable ways- to make a difference and do something big for God.

Most of us are surrounded by responsibilities, such as jobs, family, or school, that sometimes seems to make the possibility of actively changing the world impossible. As a college student, I have all felt this conflict between my heart and my daily life. I lack the money to sponsor a child, the freedom to become a full time activist, or the energy to champion a cause constantly.

Yet, I still feel like you and I are compelled and called to do something.

I found out about Gethsemane International Africa ( - an organization located in Kenya- through my friend Elizabeth, who interned there for a summer. The children at Gethsemane range from 7-18 years old. Many have lost
their parents to AIDS. Most of them come from Kawangware - one of the
fastest growing slums in Nairobi.

Gethsemane provides shelter, food, and education for the children who
are living there but most importantly they provide a loving home

The home runs greatly off of sponsorship money and 12 of the kids do
not have sponsors. It costs $100 a month to sponsor a child at
Gethsemane.  My friend Elizabeth proposed a way to help and has organized a fundraiser called "Your Change for World Change."

Your Change for World Change's goal is raise $1200 in one month to sponsor each of these unsponsored children for one month.

We aim to do this by saving all our spare change for one month - from today until February 18th - to give it to Gethsemane International. 
A coin collection jar is available at Bryan in Townhouse 12, or if you would prefer to donate online you can at Gethsemane also accepts checks sent to PO Box 22129, Knoxville, TN 37933.

Please join us in the challenge to save all our spare change to change a child's future. 

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